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Mar 27, 2013 3:10am PDT
is this behavior?" and start saying, "this is my kid's problem. what can i do about it to help him change?" and put the responsibility back on that child. >> i can honestly say that if we had not found james lehman it's quite possible that my husband and i would be divorced or separated right now. it had gotten to the point where it was almost impossible for me, and i feel like going to see james saved my family >> now, what about a.d.d. or a.d.h.d., the hyperactivity disorders, things like that, i mean they certainly affect behavior, am i right? >> here's the thing. if your kid has a.d.d. you need to the total transformation program even more because it is really critical that your kid learn how to solve problems. if you have a.d.d. or a.d.h.d. the boss at the factory, the college professor, your wife, your own kids they're going to hold you to the same standards as every other husband every other father every other employer. it's just that simple. you have to learn how to meet those standards. you're still gonna have to learn how to behave, yourself. you're still gonna have to learn how to solve
Mar 25, 2013 3:00am PDT
about that. i cannot change your life 'til i change who you trust. if i know who you believe i can predict your decisions. and every decision schedules a season. there are three harvests i want the holy spirit to give your life. number one is a debt free home. and i don't mean one that nobody wants to see. i want god to give you a home that your enemies can't quit takin' pictures of. you're nobody 'til somebody hates you. if you're enemy has not thought about you in a month, you got a problem. i do believe it's the will of the lord to have a home for safety of your children, to nurture a godly family. a home where you can study and read and feel safe and protected. god wants you to have a debt-free home. i really believe that with all my heart. the second harvest is that god would give you, and i wish you would remember this, god would give you uncommon financial wisdom. wisdom is more important than a miracle. a miracle has a conclusion. wisdom is a factory for the product. i'm not gonna ask god to give you a financial miracle. that's a one-time experience. i'm gonna ask god to gi
Mar 26, 2013 3:10am PDT
. and if that's working out for you, then great. change the channel. but if you want a different year, a better year, a path and a plan to a new life, then you have to do something different and you have to make the time. and i want to tell you, i have found the quickest, fastest and easiest path to success in real estate, because i've been doing it for 22 years. i still do it, buying over 300 properties in the last couple of months. i'm partnering with my top students. i have a path and plan that works right this minute. it starts off with plateaus of success. what i know is, i've put bogeys in place so you know that you're on your path to your first check in literally days, so you're not just thinking, "ah, i gotta work for six months to find out it doesn't work." no, give me a week of using my strategy and you will never, ever turn back. >> so, dean, you're obviously in the trenches, you've been doing this for years, so you're dealing with people every day that you're training. you do have a lot of successful students, nobody can argue that. you very much have been successful in real estate
Mar 22, 2013 3:10am PDT
that we can actually absorb them. this can help change your life. in fact, it could actually help save your life. >> announcer: over the last 30 years, we have become the most overfed yet undernourished nation on the planet, leading to a modern-day epidemic of obesity, high blood pressure stress, depression and more. we're not getting healthier, we're getting sicker, and it comes down to one simple need: nutrient absorption. we need to increase the nutritional power of the foods we eat every day to dramatically change the way we look and feel... and the great news is now we can! from the makers of the original magic bullet, introducing the nutribullet, the superfood nutrition extractor. with the nutribullet you can turn ordinary food into superfood that now absorbs easily into your body's system so you can live a longer healthier, more active life. all this food is loaded with essential nutrition, and the only way to get all of it is to break down, pulverize and open up the food's hidden nutrition on a cellular level. this process is called nutrition extraction. look: even expensive bl
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)